Service Name
Registration of an Arabian stud for an Arab horse owner

Service Form

Required Documents
  • Request a license for an Arabian horse stud
  • A copy of the owner's ID and a copy of the owner's passport
  • A copy of the land ownership and the stud license
  • In case that a person has an official power of attorney, attach a valid power of attorney, provided that the following item is mentioned (has the right to benefit from the farm and register a private horse stud in his personal name)

Terms and Conditions
  • Fence
  • Rooms fit for horses (well ventilated - effective drainage system)
  • Fields for taming and resting for horses
  • Showers for horses
  • Places to isolate infected horses
  • The applicant must have 3 mares for breeding and must transferred under the stud.
  • The stud’s name shouldn’t be offensive to any person or entity or is liable to cause confusion for social, cultural or religious reasons
  • It should not refer to a governmental, non-governmental, or private entity or institution
  • The stud name must not be repeated in the emirates
  • Inclusion of the name of the stud in both Arabic and English
  • It is not allowed to change the name of the stud after the name has been approved

Free Service