Service Name
Registering Imported Arabian Horses

Service Form

Service Description
This service will enable you to register imported Arabian Horses with the Emirates Arabian Horse Society

Service Procedures
  • Submit the application with required documents through the available channels
  • Pay the prescribed fees through the available channels
  • Inspect horses at stables, record their distinctive marks, and verify the electronic chip number
  • Issue the registration certificate and hand it over to the concerned person or his representative

Required Documents
  • The original application of Arabian Horses registration
  • A copy of the Arabian Horse passport
  • A copy of the owner’s ID and passport
  • The arrival of registration papers and documents of the imported horses from the exporting country

Terms and Conditions
  • Receive complete and signed documents through the official channels.
  • All documents must be signed and clearly include all required data, addresses and e-mail
  • The applicant must be the registered owner or authorized agent under an official legal power of attorney (POA).

AED 300 after completing the transaction terms