Service Name
Registering Arabian Horses Stud

Service Form

Service Description
Registering Arabian Horses Stud of Arabian Horse Owner

Service Procedures
  • Submit the application with the required documents and papers through the available channels
  • Examine the database to determine the ownership of the horses of the Stud.
  • Visit the Stud for examination and inspection, then make a report on the visit.
  • Obtain clearance from accounts
  • Obtain clearance from accounts

Required Documents
  • The original application of stall license of Arabian Horses
  • A copy of the owner’s ID and passport
  • A copy of land title deed and the stall license of the registered owner or certified POA to register the stall

Terms and Conditions
  • Receive complete and signed documents through the official channels
  • All documents must be signed and clearly include all required data, addresses and e-mail
  • The name must include “the Arabian Horses” as a part of the name, which should be written in Arabic and English
  • The applicant must own the stall land or have a power of attorney to register it

Free Service